Job Interview Tips: Questions, Answers, and More!

Do well in the job interview, and you’ll get the job. That sounds simple, right? Sure, until you get in front of strangers who control your fate, and suddenly, you freeze up.

Your resume or job application has already gotten you past the first major hurdle, so congratulate yourself for that! Now, it’s time for some serious job interview preparation.

We’ve compiled great job interview advice, including:
phone interview tips
panel interview tips
group interview tips
top 10 interview questions

You’ve come this far in the job hunting process…it would be a shame to fall short now, just because of a poor performance during the job interview.

The best way to ensure that you’ll be successful at job interviewing is to learn as much as you can about the company and the position that you’re applying for, in order to anticipate typical interview questions that might come your way, including the dreaded “weakness” question.

Practice, practice, practice, then, as soon as you walk through the door or pick up the phone for your job interview, relax and let your confidence come through.

Believe that you’re the perfect candidate for the job – that there is no one more qualified or better suited – and go out and make that point to the people who matter!

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Job Interview Tips ~ 2016

•Prepare for your job interview by finding out as much as you can about the position, the company, and the person who is interviewing you and/or hiring you.

•Don’t be intimidated by a group interview. Be yourself, and let your personality, strengths, and qualifications shine.

•In a panel interview, as you’re answering questions, be sure to make eye contact with everyone on the panel, not just the person who posed the question.

•Dress professionally for your job interview, in a style of clothing that matches the requirements of your job and the company’s culture.

•Follow up with a thank you letter or thank you e-mail after every job interview.