Behavioral Interview Questions Tips

Behavioral interview questions are all the rage today, but if you haven’t done a lot of job hunting lately, you might be wondering, “What is a behavioral interview question?” A behavioral interview question is one that is posed to find out how you would behave, or how you did behave, under certain circumstances. Behavioral questions are open-ended, which means you have to really pay attention to your answers.

There are two main types of behavioral interview questions: a “hypothetical behavioral question” and an “example behavioral question.” To prepare for a job interview, practice questions and answers to both.

Below are examples of the same question, posed as a hypothetical behavioral interview question and posed as an example behavioral interview question.

Hypothetical Behavioral Interview Question:

“If a client or customer became really irate, what would you do?”

Example Behavioral Interview Question:

“Give me an example of a time when you had to deal with an irate customer, and tell me how you handled the situation.”

To succeed at answering behavioral interview questions, you’re going to have to think on the fly during the interview. The trick to this is to first listen closely to what’s being asked. If you don’t fully understand the question, don’t be shy – ask for clarification. Then, as quickly as you can, come up with a few possible answers in your head and respond by bringing up the answer that casts you in the best light.

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